Noertker's Moxie & The Melanchoholics
Curious Worlds: The Soundtrack


Noertker's Moxie
(tracks 1, 3-7, 9, 10, 12-14)
Annelise Zamula  flute, alto sax, tenor sax
Bill Noertker  contrabass
David Beck  baritone sax
Jim Peterson  alto sax, baritone sax
Amber Lamprecht  oboe
Jenny Maybee  piano
Brett Carson  piano
Jason Levis  drums
Dax Compise  drums
Dave Mihaly  drums
Niels Myrner  drums

The Melanchoholics
(tracks 2, 8, 11)
David Beck  baritone sax
Bill Noertker  contrabass


1. Curious Worlds: Opening Music
2. Something You Know
3. Moth en Stereo
4. Curious Worlds: L'Opéra
5. Kleine Komposition II
6. In Blue
7. Little Jester in a Trance
8. Meet Me at the Edge of Noon
9. L'Éléphant Blanc
10. Fork
11. Way Gone Cool, Cool Cat
12. More Fun
13. Dona del Cŕntir
14. Animatique

all music composed and arranged
by Bill Noertker
except track 2, 8, 11
composed by David Beck and Bill Noertker
© 2016 William Noertker, all rights reserved
(Deuh Jauh Music BMI)

    Bill Noertker first met David Beck in the late 1990s while playing in a jazz quartet called Playland. At first Noertker had no idea that in addition to playing the baritone saxophone Beck was a highly regarded sculptor of intimately scaled works. As he discovered Beck's work, Noertker was pleased to find that, in addition to the exquisite beauty of the work, much of it also displayed the dry humor that first attracted him to Beck.
    In 2004, for his show La Naturecanique at the Allan Stone Gallery in NYC, Beck made a black-and-white super-8 film, Animatique, of seven of his works. Aware of Noertker's interest in using the visual arts as inspiration for his musical compositions, Beck asked him to score the film. Thus began their cross-disciplinary collaboration.
    Because of Noertker's long-standing musical relationship with Beck, Olympia Stone asked him to score her film Curious Worlds: The Art & Imagination of David Beck. She and Noertker decided that the score would include some original music composed specifically for the film, some music from Animatique, some tunes that Beck and Noertker had written and performed as the Melanchoholics, and some music performed by Noertker's working band Noertker’s Moxie. Most of that music can be heard here on this soundtrack CD.