After the End of the World Coretet


Annelise Zamula - soprano sax, alto sax, flute
Tracy McMullen - tenor sax, vocal
Dave Mihaly - drumset
Bill Noertker - fretless electric bass

1) Shiny Noise (Mihaly)
2) Big Tree (James "Blood" Ulmer)
3) Rhinocracy (Noertker)
4) Auricle (Zamula)
5) Mystery Play (Mihaly)
6) Eventide (Zamula)
7) El Moor Moor (Noertker)
8) Quaternity (AEWC)
9) Song A Song B (McMullen)
10) Head Over Heels (Noertker)
11) Inquisitive You (Zamula)

Is jazz as we know it dead? "Depends on what you know," said Lester Bowie. Well . . . here's something you should know about. From the sparkly opening chant of "Shiny Noise," to the plaintive closing melody of "Inquisitive You," listening to the After the End of the World Coretet's second recording is like finding a mystical spot of natural wonder—a beach, a forest, a lake, a mountain—that no one has ever been to before. The awe-inspiring force of nature resonates within you. You want to return again and again. You are rejuvenated. Beauty, majesty, tranquility. Now you know . . .  Quaternity.

The After the End of the World Coretet has been a mainstay of San Francisco's underground jazz scene since 1989. All Coretet members are accomplished composers as well as versatile improvisers.

CD Reviews

Cups Magazine
review by Richard Bryan

The Coretet (Annelise Zamula - soprano sax , alto sax, flute; Tracy McMullen - tenor sax; Bill Noertker - bass; Dave Mihaly - drums) have been on the scene for many years, conjuring up their wondrous unity of jazz in local cafes and clubs. Sans keyboard or guitar the Coretet is free to soar in a kaleidoscopic swirl of harmonic and rhythmic senses that snake and undulate with a seemingly effortless cadence and joy of being. They imbrue themselves in the spirit of Ornette Coleman, the Art Ensemble, Eric Dolphy, and of course Master Coltrane to create this majestic music of subtle intensity and beautiful vision. The ten original tunes (and a great cover of Blood Ulmer's "Big Tree") were sparklingly recorded live at Russian Hill Recording and McMullen and Mihaly especially shine bright. Quaternity is a worthy listening endeavor into the world of the jazz senses—local or universal.

Rough Trade Journal
review by Eric Rose

There's not a second wasted on the After the End of the World Coretet's Quaternity. It's jazz gone out. Ingredients include two sax players, one bassist, and one drummer. Dissonant and twisted exchanges between saxes create unordinary textures that somehow remain comfortable. A truly brilliant album

BAM Magazine
review by Steve Solder

Also on the advancing front is San Francisco's After the End of the World Coretet. To be honest, I'd have gotten to the foursome's Quaternity CD some time back...except it fell behind my desk and I couldn't find it. Now I have and it's an uncommonly inviting example of post-Coltrane jazz. Reed players Annelise Zamula and Tracy McMullen maneuver through originals by all four players (the only cover is James Blood Ulmer's "Big Tree"), while bassist Bill Noertker and drummer Dave Mihaly provide supple and sympathetic support.