Music Fundamentals for Bassists
In-person and remote (via Zoom) lessons are now available.

Hello electric and upright bassists,
Many of you have been playing bass for a while now and no doubt can play reasonably well,
and yet you might feel like you are not able to get the next level in your playing.
The most likely problem is that you have been able to use your strengths as a bass player to mask your weaknesses.
I provide a supportive learning environment and help you to systematically improve your skills and knowledge.

My teaching system begins with an evaluation of your abilities in eleven categories:
1. technique
2. neck knowledge
3. chord/scale theory (reading & writing)
4. standard notation (reading & writing & rhythm)
5. articulation/interpretation
6. memorization
7. ear training/transcription
8. improvisation
9. composition/songwriting
10. communicating with a band
11. repertoire
followed by a collaborative consultation to discuss your strengths, weaknesses, and goals,
and formulate a lesson plan, tailored specifically to you
that will increase your skills in each of the categories where you need improvement.
We will work together to choose a repertoire of music for the application of the skills you will be learning.
You will need to commit to a program of practicing and studying.

I offer ongoing long-term lessons, and short-term, project-based lessons.
Project-based lessons can prepare you for auditions, recording sessions, and gigs.

$80/hour for lessons
Ask about discounts for prepaid lessons.

lesson times now available
on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
from 2pm until 9pm

All levels, ages, and interests can benefit from my teaching method.
I have enjoyed success with people who are just beginning to play, and have also helped professional bassists fine tune their skills.
My students range from 12 to 65 years old.
I have been a performing, recording, and teaching bassist for over twenty-five years.
I have professional experience playing a wide variety of musical styles, including jazz, blues, classic rock, indie rock, and soul music.
I play fretted and fretless electric basses, and upright bass.
I have taught private electric bass lessons since 1989, and upright bass lessons since 2003.

contact me by email at
or by phone at
(415) 905-4425

I'm looking forward to working with you,
Bill Noertker